“We now begin to see love as intelligible and malleable.  We will be able to shift from an obsession with the FALL part of love to the MAKE aspect of love, and make this more than sexual connection.  We can develop confidence in our ability to work with and mold our most precious love relationships.  This changes everything!”

Dr. Sue Johnson




For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their supporters, June marked a month of celebration and pride. All over the globe communities shared their support with beautiful parades, festivals, dances, concerts and parties celebrating LGBT Pride.

A loving bond is a mesmerizing dance of tuning in and reaching for. The emotional music – the beat of the dance, is the same from the cradle to the grave. The dance and the longing for connection are wired into our brains by millions of years of evolution. No matter the class, gender, culture, sexual orientation of the dancers – the dance is the same. Connection with a loved one is oxygen for us all.

As the leader of the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families) professional community – a community of mental health professionals that celebrates equality and honors the universal need of our species for loving lasting bonds, I see our celebration of human connection as an overwhelming positive.

We all have the need for and the right to seek and hold onto this connection.


While therapeutic resources for heterosexual couples are plentiful, there’s very little available for therapists working with same sex couples. I am proud that we have a training tape for therapists showing how our approach to building and healing relationships fits for same sex couples.


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This article was published on: 07/7/14 10:51 AM