“With the collaboration of three attractive couples, Dr. Sue  Johnson succeeds in demystifying the nature of romantic love in a down-to-earth manner with which all couples can resonate.”

Lorrie Brubacher from her review of the DVD: Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection! 

Science with Sue, Episode 4

The core part of intimacy in any love relationship is being able to share feelings, especially our softer feelings, with our loved one. But for many of us emotions are unknown territory that we distrust or avoid. See what happens when we can slow down and ask ourselves important questions about what emotion we’re actually expressing to our partners, before frustration sets in.



Science with Sue, Episode 3

It’s very hard for most of us to really grasp how we threaten our lover by simply by staying silent or distant. We shut down to protect ourselves or to try to stop conflict, but it so often backfires. Watch to find out why this happens and what you need to be aware of if you stonewall your partner.




Science with Sue, Episode 2

Let’s talk about how holding onto one’s emotional balance can help shift couples from being caught up in their own emotions to stopping the blame game during conflict.



Science with Sue, Episode 1

In this video, Sue talks about emotional responsiveness and how supporting your partner’s or spouse’s emotions can shape and repair your relationship.




Love Sense: from Infant to Adult

Two experts in bonding look at key responses in love relationships.



The New Frontier of Sex & Intimacy

Bestselling author of “Hold me Tight” and “Love Sense.” She’s a clinical psychologist and professor, and the creator of a new type of relationship therapy: emotionally focused couples therapy. She has also trained thousands of therapists around the world. (TedX)




How To Love Intelligently

Can love last forever through the ups and downs of life? Couples therapist Dr. Sue Johnson explains what it really takes to make a relationship work. (MindBodyGreen)




The Science of Love

Author Sue Johnson says that love is by no means illogical or random, but a recipe for survival. She sits down for a feature interview on the science behind love and relationships, as detailed in her new book, “Love Sense: The Revolutionary Science of Romantic Relationships.” (TVO/The Agenda)


Soothing the Threatened Brain

A landmark study, shows that we can now effectively help couples, not just understand their relationship a little better or fight a little less, but create the secure loving bonds that soothe our brain.


The Laws of Love (Live Talk)

We know what love is, why it matters, what it does for us, and what responses make or break our love relationships. This quiet revolution, has all happened in the last 20 years. But can love last? The evidence is that if you know how to do it, it can. Brain scans tell us that some long time lover’s brains respond in the same way, with the same excitement as those of new lovers to pictures of their beloved. If you can reach out and hold onto each other as you face life’s dragons together, every dragon you face makes the bond of trust and love between you stronger. We can have the loving lasting relationships we all long for. But only if we learn Love Sense.
We have solved the “mystery’ called love and we can learn to shape it. This is the doorway into greater happiness, better mental and physical health, more secure, resilient and confident adults and more loving partnerships and families.


Emotionally Focused Therapy

Dr. Sue Johnson provides a brief summary of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This leading edge, empirically validated form of therapy which is taught all over the world. EFT is based on the last 50 yrs of scientific research on bonding: bonding between mother and child and romantic bonds between partners. EFT provides a map to what matters in intimate relationships: how they work, how they go wrong, and what is needed to put them right.


Author Dr. Sue Johnson “Love Sense”

You and Me talks to author Dr. Sue Johnson about her new book, “Love Sense.”